Taking a break from my midterm to bring you this very important announcement

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know by now that my sister and I have been engaged in an mild ongoing prank war for a year or so now. I have been blessed with the most wonderful of coincidental circumstances: she and my mother are leaving me alone for a week starting April first while they travel to Arizona. I plan to fill my sister’s entire room with balloons, floor to ceiling. I’m going to need a lot of balloons, and possibly an air pump or two.

This is where I need you guys to come in.

If you have a package of those party balloons (doesn’t matter what color, they just have to be regular-sized) and want to donate it to my cause, please send me an ask. If I know you personally I can give you my address to ship it. If you’re a MDstuck/DCstuck and live nearby enough, I’m willing to swing by and pick them up. If this somehow gets out and goes viral, I’ll talk to mom about having you guys send balloons to her work address since I’m not keen on giving out my home address to strangers.

I’ll liveblog the balloon count once she’s gone and I start blowing them up, as well as the other pranks I plan to set.

Happy april fool’s stina.

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    Let’s hope this doesn’t balloon out of control
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  24. devkyu said: This plan is glorious.
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    alister you are the best if i can find some balloons i will ship them to you
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